Rules for the British Troupe Championships 2015

(These Rules are also available for download in the Entry Pack Section of the site)

· Time limits : Cabaret strictly 6 minutes, (8 minutes for Cabaret with Song), Classical strictly 8


· A troupe must have a minimum of 6 dancers

· The age group of the troupe is determined by the oldest member

· Each school must have a CRB checked named representative who is responsible for the safety

and conduct of the children for the entire event.

· It is the responsibility of this representative to check with their own LEA whether the dancers require

licenses to compete.

· Each troupe is responsible for supplying the correct number of licensed chaperones (1 to 12

children) Chaperones will be issued with badges before the day, and only badge holders will be

admitted free of charge.

· The representative must arrive with a list of pupils present to be handed in on entry to the

theatre. No dancers will be admitted without this list, and teachers should retain a copy for


· The organisers reserve the right to amalgamate categories where there are insufficient


· Schools can enter a maximum of 6 troupes into any one section where the same performers are


· Dance length times must be specified on the entry form, so that we can accept as many entries

as possible.

· Teachers must advise on the entry form the total number of pupils attending so that changing space

can be allocated.

· Teachers should be aware that dressing rooms may have to be vacated when you are not

performing, to allow other schools to change. This is dependent on venue, and you will be advised

in advance of the day.

· Play-off’s are allowed, but must be included in the time limit, and made known at the music point.

· Music must be supplied in advance. A copy must also be brought on the day.

· The organisers will not accept responsibility for poor CD quality if a piece of music does not play it is the fault of the school and not the organisors

· Standard lighting will be used for each troupe, and there will be no black-outs or curtains used.

· Any troupe not ready to perform at the right time and in the correct order may not be allowed to


· Groups may use the announcer’s microphone during their troupe, there are no radio mics.

· At the heats, spectators are welcome at an entry fee of £5, payable on the door.

· When the programme has been devised, it will be sent to teachers with further info.

· Trophies will be awarded to the winners of each section (ie Junior Champions, Inter champions)

plus an Over all British Troupe Championship Trophy. These trophies must be returned in excellent

condition, the following year to be handed to the next winners.

· Entries must be received by Saturday 14th September 

· The main competition is open to amateurs only, and not to full-time dance schools.

· No Videoing or flash photography is allowed during the performance. There is an official

photographer (Windfall Photography) in attendance. Teachers must make it clear BEFORE

the event if a parent objects to any troupe being photographed.


Please note section winners will be

photographed and the pictures may be used for publicity purposes by BTC please state on the day if

this is a problem, if you do not voice an objection the photos may be used.